DSC_0005The current majestic brick building replaces a small (30' x 60') wooden frame church first built in 1872 on a lot adjacent to the present site. The land for the current location was purchased in January 1880; by May of the same year, under the first resident pastor, the Rev. John Browne, a rectory was built and the church was moved on site and enlarged. The present building was planned by the Rev. Patrick O'Reilly, the second pastor. The cornerstone was laid on June 11, 1890 and the building was dedicated on November 30, 1893, having cost approximately $90,000 to complete.

The church was extensively renovated in 1955, when, among other things, air conditioning was installed; in 1972, when structural repairs were effected and the sanctuary remodeled to conform with the spirit of the Second Vatican Council; and most recently in 1992, in preparation for the Cathedrals centennial. Exterior and interior ramps and doors have been added to provide access for all to the church, the sanctuary, and the reconciliation room.

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