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Grand Gala 2017

As has been announced at Masses and in our bulletins for the past few weeks, we are looking forward to having our biannual gala on Friday, October 13, 2017 – which, incidentally, is the 100th anniversary of the last apparition of Our Lady at Fatima. We pray, through her intercession, for a pleasant evening that will also be of benefit to our great parish!

This year’s gala is called “Grand Gala at the Florentine“. The Florentine Building is about a block away from the Cathedral and is a very beautiful and elegant space. It will be a wonderful evening with cocktail hour, dancing, and a delicious dinner served by Corretti Catering. Tickets are $100 and may be purchased at, by calling Krista in the office at (205) 251-1279, or after Masses for the next two weeks. Please plan to come!

Well-known local auctioneer Jack Granger will MC the auction portion of our evening and will be offering several fine items. Proceeds from the evening will go towards the refinishing of our well-worn solid oak hardwood floors in the Cathedral church and the replacement of our 62-year-old pews as well. The new pews will be solid oak (no plywood, no particle board, no veneer). Our existing pews have many cracks, and the kneelers have been attached and re-attached many times, with continual problems. The cost of repairing and refinishing them, combined with the risk and high probability of further cracking in the future, make replacement an obvious choice. The combination of refinishing our 25-year-old (and very worn down!) hardwood floors and replacing our 62-year-old pews will result in a striking visual improvement to the interior of our beautiful church!

A percentage of the proceeds from the evening will be set aside to help the poor and also to help our mission at St. Stephen’s University Chapel.

We hope to see you at the Grand Gala at the Florentine!

– Father Jerabek