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Cathedral Photo Directory

As Father Jerabek mentioned at weekend Masses in the past couple of months, we are finally completing our photo directory! As many will recall, we started it in 2019; then Covid hit; then Lifetouch went out of business; and in any case, we didn’t really have enough photos to put together a good directory then. Lifetouch did send us all the photos they took, with permission to use them!

It’s now been almost eight years since our last Cathedral photo directory, and it would be great to have a complete and updated one. To that end, we are now also handling the project in-house thanks to staff and volunteers.


Now, we would like to ask everyone who does not have a photo in yet, to consider sending us a family/household photo. It could be your Christmas card photo, or another family picture you’ve fairly recently had taken. As long as it doesn’t have a copyright on it (i.e., it’s not from a place like Olan Mills or some other professional photographer), we are happy to use such photos for the directory.

If you would like to email in a photo, please send it to this email address ( and be sure to include the names of those who are pictured in it. A staff member may respond asking you for more info, as needed. Some tips for a great photo:

  • They show faces clearly – no hats or sunglasses, please.
  • Try to be in two or three rows instead of one long line, so your faces will show up better.
  • Avoid strong sun on the face because it causes people to squint.
  • Cell phone photos are great – send them in their ORIGINAL size though, not a smaller size. Some phones size photos down, so be sure to override that setting.
  • Casual family or candid photos are fine; just remember, we’re interested in clear shots of everyone’s faces.
  • Pets may be included!

Please email us your photos by Monday, February 13, 2023.

PS – Some have asked about the Lifetouch free 8x10s from before – Krista has them, please ask her for yours if you have not already received it.