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New Saturday Mass

Starting Saturday, September 1, we will be adding an 8:30am Mass on Saturdays at the Cathedral. This will be a regular daily Mass (recited, no music except on major feast days – average 30 minutes or less). Whenever the liturgical calendar and rubrics permit, it will be celebrated as a Mass of Our Lady, following the ancient and venerable tradition. Please join us!

In response to the recent scandals, the new Saturday morning Mass will be offered for the following intentions: On First Saturday, in reparation for crimes and sins of the clergy; on Second Saturday, for holy vocations to the priesthood; on Third Saturday, for healing of victims of sexual predation; on Fourth/Fifth Saturdays, for holy vocations to the priesthood. Father Jerabek has encouraged prayer and fasting as a response to the terrible scandals in the Church. While the sorts of crimes and sins committed may be found at all levels of society (in churches, in public institutions, in families, in things like human trafficking, etc.), they take on a particular gravity when committed by those who have been configured to Christ in the sacrament of Holy Orders and thus consecrated for the service of God. Such crimes and sins are an abomination and cry to God for vengeance. They leave unspeakable wounds of pain and suffering in their victims. These crimes and sins also offend us on the deepest level and often fill us with rage. But God does not need our rage: he desires our hearts, and we give them to him through prayer and fasting/sacrifice. Offering Mass for the above intentions, then, is one of the best things that we can do, for the Mass is the greatest prayer that we have, being Christ’s very sacrifice offered to the Father for the sins of the world. For other concrete suggestions, see Thank you for your faithfulness and your participation in these crucial efforts!