The Cathedral of Saint Paul

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The church is located at 2120 3rd Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203 (click for Google Map).

The Rectory is located on the left side of the church.

The Office is located directly behind the church (entrance on 22nd Street).

Directly behind the Rectory is the Cathedral Life Center (CLC). Access to the CLC is through the Cathedral courtyard (enter either the front gate, near the church entrance, or through the driveway gate on 22nd Street, if open).

January 2020 Note to Visitors: Due to recent interstate highway construction, including the restructuring of downtown exits, in-dash and mounted GPS units in vehicles may not have up-to-date maps. Consider using a real-time GPS service such as Waze, Apple Maps, or Google Maps, to find the best route to the Cathedral, located in the heart of downtown Birmingham.


Parking is in the Diocesan lot at the corner of 22nd Street & 3rd Avenue (to the right of the church) or in metered spots on the street. Parking in other nearby lots is subject to towing and at your own risk. On weekends and some federal holidays, it may also be possible to park in the chancery lot. This is to the right of the chancery, diagonally across 3rd Avenue from the Rectory. The arm on the parking lot entrance will be up if parking there is permitted. Do not park in the alley adjoining this lot — it is private property and ticketing/towing is possible.

There is a handicapped ramp for accessing the church, in the courtyard. If you need access to this area, please call the office at (205) 251-1279 to arrange for the driveway gate to be opened.


Our church is usually open for prayer Monday—Friday from about 8:00am to 2:30pm. On Saturdays, the church will open for confessions at 3:00pm and remain open through the 5:00pm Mass; on a Saturday when other events are scheduled, the church may be open earlier. On Sundays, it opens about 7:00am and is locked after the 11:00am Mass. Please join us for prayer whenever the church is open – being respectful of any Masses or other liturgies that may be taking place inside.

Our office is generally open Monday—Friday, 8:00am—3:00pm, with the exception of Holy Days of Obligation and some federal holidays.