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Children’s Schola

Children’s Schola Cantorum resumed rehearsal on Wednesday, August 28. New members are welcome (at the discretion of the Director of Music) after a brief, low-stress audition. A yearly tuition of $50/child (maximum of $100/family) is collected to offset sheet music purchase, copying costs, and the like. Please contact the Director of Music if you are interested in joining…and spread the word!

In the Winter of 2014 a new and exciting development in music took place at the Cathedral. Throughout the history of the Latin Rite, sacred music was sung at the liturgy and taught through generations by the school of singers known as a schola cantorum. The schola was made up of men and boys who studied the sacred, liturgical music of the Church. After initial establishment in the first millennium by the pope, scholae cantorum appeared throughout the Christian West as a way of providing music that could not be performed by an entire congregation. While our Schola Cantorum includes boys and girls, the mission is the same: to preserve Gregorian chant and the treasury of Catholic sacred music for catechesis and evangelization, as well as to beautify the sacred liturgy and instill a love of sacred liturgy in children.

If you are (or have): a child in grades 3-8; can commit to a weekly rehearsal and frequent performance; can (or want to learn how to) read modern musical notation and Gregorian chant; enjoy singing and learning with others, then the Schola Cantorum might be for you! Rehearsals are weekly on Wednesday from 3:45-4:45PM, while Masses and other services sung are TBD by the Director of Music in consultation with parents.

For more information, please contact the Director of Music, Mr. Bruce Ludwick, Jr., at or (205) 251-1279 Ă—107.