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  • We are thrilled to announce the debut of the DOWNTOWN CONCERT SERIES at the Cathedral of St. Paul for the 2022-2023 season.  This concert series seeks to bring the best of art and sacred music to our Cathedral as an offering to the Diocese, city, and parish.
  • Because the Cathedral Church is consecrated to God, all concerts in it are presented free of charge, so that all people may find a home here at St. Paul’s.
  • Please check the link above to see if you might help support our mission to bring quality organ, choral, vocal, and instrumental concerts to downtown Birmingham. The late Anna Catharine Grace’s gift of the pipe organ named in her honor is a huge part of this series. She and many other donors over the last few decades laid the foundation of this debut year. We hope you will join us in rejoicing and praying for our many benefactors near and far.
  • For more information, simply call (205.251.1279×107) or email ( the Director of Music. We look forward to seeing you this year at these concerts and in worship!
  • Please join us for Organist Jens Korndoerfer in concert on Friday, April 28, 2023, at 7:00pm.

Liturgical Music week-to-week

  • For the most current information on liturgical and sacramental schedules, check the Cathedral frontpage.
  • The 5:00pm (anticipated) Mass has hymns and a Gregorian chant ordinary led by cantor and organ.
  • The Sunday 8:30AM Mass is led by a cantor or small schola and organ. Hymns and the Gregorian ordinary are sung by all; the schola ordinarily leads the Gregorian processional propers (Entrance, Offertory, and Communion).
  • The 11:00am Solemn Mass is our main musical offering, with most (and sometimes all) of the Gregorian proper represented, along with the requisite hymns and Gregorian or vernacular ordinaries. Polyphonic (choral) Mass ordinaries are sung about once a month in part or in whole. Music is led by Cathedral Choir (or Cathedral Choir staff singers during some Summer months), a semi-professional choir of 15-20 voices.
  • The Orders of Worship and Music Lists subpage is kept current so that you may see what we are preparing for upcoming weeks!

Livestreamed Masses 

  • Our 8:30AM Mass is livestreamed at the Cathedral of Saint Paul YouTube channel.
  • Diocesan Masses and other special events (Holy Days of Obligation, etc.) can also be found on the Cathedral YouTube or Facebook pages.

In the “Sacred Music” section you can learn about the following sub-topics (also accessible through the menus). In addition, please check out the sacred music information on the diocesan Office of Sacred Liturgy website.